Specific actions in Zambia

Specific actions in Zambia

In the city of MPULUNGU in ZAMBIA, the pilot project will focus on reducing the cost of individual sanitation by strengthening municipal equipment.

To define the developments that can be made to the city of Mpulungu in terms of improving solid waste management, a global solid waste management plan over a 20-year horizon will be defined. An audit will take place in order to analyse the current waste management system and the condition of the available equipment.

In the targeted areas of Mpulungu, latrines will be constructed, and training will be given to health personnel on the use of hospital incinerators.

Six activities will be implemented to achieve these objectives:

  1. Establishment of a global waste management scheme and identification/arrangement of a dumping site for solid waste and mud from pits.
  2. Capacity building of services in charge of solid waste management
  3. Supply of a vacuum truck for emptying septic tanks, including training of operating personnel.
  4. Pilot project for the construction of ECOSAN type dry latrines
  5. Technical training for users of hospital incinerators
  6. Communication for behaviour change