Specifc actions in Tanzania

Specific actions in Tanzania

In Tanzania, the activities of the Latawama project are mainly aimed at improving the viability and coverage of solid waste management services in the Municipality of KIGOMA/Ujiji.

Prior to that, a detailed analysis of the existing waste management system (its potential in terms of human, material and organizational resources) and an assessment of the needs for collection, sorting and composting equipment are carried out.

The following management principles support the technical options:

  • Reduction of waste at source;
  • Organic waste/ non-organic waste sorting;
  • Economic recovery of waste;
  • Fight against plastic pollution;
  • Involvement of actors and citizens

To achieve the objectives, various activities will be implemented:

  • Institutional and technical support for municipal waste management services – pricing study;
  • Technical and institutional support to Community-based organisations in terms of pre-collection of
  • Introduction of source sorting activities, including plastics;
  • Development of a pilot organic composting unit;
  • Reinforcement of sorting, pre-collection and solid waste collection equipment;
  • Communication for behaviour change.

In addition, the project provides technical support to improve the operation and maintenance of the bio-medical waste incinerator at the Kigoma Maweni Regional Reference Hospital.