Specific actions in DR Congo

Specific actions in DR Congo

In the DRC, the pilot project deployed in the city of Uvira aims at developing a multi-stakeholder partnership model intended to improve the collection and management of waste in a pilot area.

In solid waste management in Uvira, a master plan to analyse the issues and needs to improve the conditions for solid waste management will be implemented. Awareness of solid waste management will be disseminated to the population of the pilot area. Uvira prison will also be supported in improving sanitary conditions.

Six activities will be carried out:

  1. Study of a master plan for solid waste management in the city of Uvira.
  2. Organisational support for stakeholders in waste management in terms of pricing, financial, administrative and technical management.
  3. Needs analysis, organisational support and training of stakeholders for waste collection and management.
  4. Supply of collection equipment and support for waste management.
  5. Pilot project to improve hygienic conditions by building a sanitary block. Sensitisation and training of the populations in its use and support in its exploitation.

6- Improvement of the sanitary conditions of the prison of Uvira by the realisation of an adapted septic tank and training / sensitisation of the prison staff in matters of sanitation.