Specific actions in Burundi

Specific actions in Burundi

In Burundi, the city of Bujumbura benefits from the activities of the LATAWAMA project in terms of improving the wastewater collection system.

The project mainly aims at improving the operation of the Buterere sewage treatment plant, in particular by providing a sustainable solution for sludge management and monitoring of wastewater treatment performance. It will also strengthen the knowledge and the state of the wastewater collection system by digitizing it.

Therefore, OBUHA’s technical services will be reinforced in their planning, management and monitoring mission through specific and targeted technical assistance.

To ensure the achievement of objectives, the following activities are planned:

  • Renovation of the sludge drying sites of the Buterere sewage treatment plant;
  • Implementation of a technical solution for sludge pumping;
  • Compliance and technical equipment of the laboratory of  water analysis;
  • Treatment performance monitoring and flow monitoring plan;
  • Institutional and organizational support to OBUHA services;
  • Digitization of the collection network;
  • Communication and environmental awareness.

These activities are implemented in close collaboration with the Burundian Office of Urban Planning and Housing and Construction (OBUHA) through the Municipal Technical Services (SETEMU).