Things come in threes, as the saying goes! After the additional sanitation work at the Uvira prison, which consisted of providing showers and toilets for prisoners and staff and constructing a biodigester to supply gas to the kitchens, the project took on a new challenge: solid waste management.

The first step is to dispose of household waste stored on the prison grounds, which is chronically unhealthy and potentially polluting.

The periodic evacuation of waste will be entrusted to one of the associations supported by the project, as announced in the current negotiations. The second stage consists of programming a more effective solid waste management system combining the sorting of organic matter and its composting for market gardening purposes. Indeed, the land enclosed by the prison is used for various market garden crops that contribute to a better diet for the prisoners.

Recycling organic waste from the kitchens into compost will improve the production of vegetables and reduce the cost of transporting the waste. In addition, planting various fruit trees is planned for the beginning of the 2022/23 rainy season. Prison officials have praised the LATAWAMA project: “Thanks to you and all your partners, we will exploit this space for the good of the prisoners,” said the Director of the Uvira prison.

An example to be followed and spread!