To improve the sustainability and coverage of the municipal solid waste management service, community-based organizations have been placed at the heart of operations in the municipality of Kigoma, Tanzania. These organizations are largely composed of female heads of households, men and youth from poor backgrounds, with 10 people per organization.

These organizations are in charge of the pre-collection of solid waste to the collection points located in the neighborhoods of Kigoma municipality. These organizations are supported by the LATAWAMA (Lake Tanganyika Water Management) project implemented by Enabel with funding from the European Union. In addition to waste collection and personal protection equipment, these organizations receive organizational support.

Ms. Zafarani Kayabara is one of them. She is a member of the organization called Juhudi PESA. LATAWAMA met her in the field in February 2022. Kayabara tells us the details of her work that contributes to the protection of Lake Tanganyika and the development of her family and her community.