The rehabilitation of the Hydrobiology Research Centre of Uvira is reaching its end. The rehabilitation of the premises of this research institution is a prerequisite for participation in the Lake Tanganyika water quality monitoring network as part of the LATAWAMA project implemented by Enabel, and the Lake Tanganyika Authority with funds from the European Union. The General Director of this institution Mr. Mohoza Bidaka Jean Marie, talked to Rodrigue NIYONGABO, in charge of communication for the LATAWAMA project. He expressed satisfaction with the progress of the work. For him, “This constitutes a new upcoming era” for this research institution that will reconnect with research activities.

How would you describe the Hydrobiology Research Centre of Uvira?

The Hydrobiology Research Centre of Uvira is located on the northwest coast of Lake Tanganyika in the province of South-Kivu, the territory of Uvira. Its mission is to conduct scientific research on aquatic ecosystems to update their biodiversity and define the strategies for good ecosystem management to guide the decision-making of the authorities at all levels.

What are your impressions of the progress of the rehabilitation tasks?

The rehabilitation work of CRH-Uvira by the LATAWAMA project is currently 95% completed and has just given a new image to a building that was built in 1948. It was more than 73 years ago. It’s a great joy for us. When the contractor doing the work was removing the old facilities, we realized the condition of the space. We found that the roof was so old to fall on our staff. Rehabilitation is therefore a source of relief for us in more than one way.

You will gain new momentum in research. What do you intend to do to keep the impetus?

A new era begins at the Hydrobiology Research Centre in Uvira, as the LATAWAMA project, which supports the Lake Tanganyika Authority, is funding the rehabilitation and technical compliance of laboratories intending to establish a network of water quality monitoring of Lake Tanganyika. To keep the impetus, our researchers and agents are motivated and sensitized to get back to work. Let us say it, here in our institution, it is as if the research no longer exists, the laboratories were in a deplorable state. That is a motivation for our researchers. We are waiting for the laboratory to be finalized and equipped. I reassure you that with the necessary laboratory equipment, the CRH will make every effort to achieve the results expected by our partners, the European Union and Enabel. We extend our sincere thanks to them.

What about your prospects?

The ability in terms of research of our institution covers a large research location all over Lake Tanganyika. We hope, in the future, with the support of our partners, to set up a research and environmental monitoring unit in Kalemie for the effectiveness and efficiency of our research actions in the central and southern part of the lake. We thank Enabel and the European Union for their support and ask them to stay with us.