The Lake Tanganyika Water Management project (LATAWAMA), funded by the European Union (6,9 million EUR), and implemented by ENABEL, the Belgian Development Agency, and the Lake Tanganyika Authority (ALT), supports existing and ongoing efforts to preserve the water of Lake Tanganyika and its tributaries. The establishment of the Lake Tanganyika Water Monitoring Network is an essential expected result of the project. The monitoring network will involve laboratories from riparian countries. The project will support their compliance, the purchase of sampling and analytical equipment, and reagents to monitor various sampling sites. The quality tracking data will feed into a database and a WebGis (Lake Tanganyika Water Portal) accessible to different audiences.In addition, the program will develop pollution control activities in the pilot cities of Bujumbura, Uvira, Kigoma, Rusizi, and Mpulungu mainly related to solid waste management and sanitation. Communication and environmental awareness actions will also be deployed in the mentioned cities.