This Tuesday, on 8th February 2021, the Lake Tanganyika Water Management project – LATAWAMA, funded by the European Union and implemented by Enabel (Belgium Development Agency), in collaboration with the Lake Tanganyika Authority proceeded with the first official handing over of equipment to the Municipality of Kigoma/Ujiji as part of the LATAWAMA project technical support for solid waste management service. The ceremonies were held at the headquarters of Kigoma/Ujiji Municipality (Kigoma Region, Tanzania).

In total, 22 community-based organizations (CBOs), of at least ten members for each, from the 19 Wards of the Municipality of Kigoma/Ujiji benefit from the project technical support through the delivery of waste pre-collection equipment made of 44 pushcarts, 44 wheelbarrows, 220 rakes, 220 shovels as well as personal protective equipment all worth of 82,700,000 TZS (almost € 30,000). Moreover, the department in charge of solid waste management at the Municipality received IT and office equipment to support its daily assignments.

This technical support will enable the beneficiaries, especially the CBOs members, to have the technical capacities required to carry out their waste pre-collection mission effectively. This equipment will also facilitate CBOs integration into the composting pilot project scheduled in Kigoma by LATAWAMA.

The ceremonies of official handing over the equipment were carried out by the LATAWAMA project, represented by Fridolin Nzambimana, the Intervention Officer in charge of solid waste management, and Fredinand Filimbi, the Municipal Director a.i of Kigoma/Ujiji. Some representatives of community-based organizations, officers of the department in charge of solid waste management, the national and regional reporters (ITV, TBC, Radio Kwizera and Mwananchi) attended the session.

In his speech, Mr Fredinand Filimbi, the Municipal Director a.i of Kigoma/Ujiji, thanked the project for the support provided, improving the solid waste management service.

In the coming weeks, the project will deliver organizational and legal support to the community-based organizations and the Kigoma officials. Indeed, Enabel will recruit a national consultant for this purpose.