The quarterly newsletter has been created to facilitate the exchange of information between different actors. It allows you to follow the progress of this joint endeavour for Lake Tanganyika and share or network, as this newsletter is a voice for all stakeholders.

The LATAWAMA project is a new project that implements qualitative monitoring tools for lake waters and initiates actions and approaches based on efficient solid and liquid waste management with the inclusion of the beneficiaries at all levels. The project is funded by the European Union and his implentation was untrusted with the Enabel.

In this first edition, we present the first steps taken towards the development of these tools, which are the core of the LATAWAMA project.

Moreover, considering the pollution of the lake due to the increasing urbanization, the project supports several pollution-control activities.

In this first edition, we will share the progress of activities in Kigoma municipality as well as the testimonies of our beneficiaries and partners.

Latawama – Newsletter first edition